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Originally Posted by jd2210 View Post
Drafting A
Signing undrafted players A+
Signing UFA's (overagers) C-
Cap Management C-
Length of contracts D
Handling goaltenders D-
Trades B
I don't think that its all on Holmgren; you have to include Snider, Lukko, Luce, the scouts and possibly Clarke. The question might be better of as an evaluation of the Flyer's FO not just the GM. The finances of the organization come into play along with player demands. People dump on PH for NMCs and the like but if you look around the league, every team has these or else the players leave/sign elsewhere. As with Briere, the players are looking for stability int heir lives with long term deals. Hopefully the organizations are as well. You want to lock up your core players.
Two things stand out as low spots with PH: (1) goalies. But its the Bryz thing that messed this up. Credit has to be given to PH for going out and bringing Bobrovsky over here from Russia to begin with. The error was Bryz. (2) The Pronger contract. That it was a +35 deal and the FO didn't know it has made a mess of the cap.

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