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05-25-2013, 11:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Psycho Dad View Post
Smyth had zero leverage in the negotiation as he had forced a trade home from LA, and Tambo still screwed it up. The blame is with management.

As for his poor play: I respect your right to your opinion about the quality of his play. But making a thread with such a title is very disrespectful to a guy who gave us his all, night in and night out.

I'd put the blame on the players who tuned out Krueger midway through the season, before I'd ever point a finger at Smyth.

You want some worse players? Hordichuk. Eager. Peckham. Hartikainen. Potter. Brown. Lander. Jones. Nick Schultz. Fistric.

All contributed less than Smyth this year. Are they useless? Not necessarily in the right situation, but they were all in over their heads, with little help from their line mates or partners.

Who is responsible for such failures? Management.

Management is entirely to blame for this crapshow. Ultimate failure from Lowe and Tambellini. Pointing a finger at any player whose heart was still in it and gave his best effort is an absolute waste of time, compared to how poorly the squad was assembled.

A number of years ago he did. He hasn't played one of these games since December of last year. He refuses to acknowledge he's just not a very good hockey player anymore and LA was smart to get rid of him for Colin Fraser. People need to look past their personal bias of this guy and see that he's not as golden as people think he is. He let $100,000 prevent him from staying in Edmonton and then went where the money was in the off-season instead of taking a paycut to remain with his childhood team.

I'm sorry, but Ryan Smyth has few redeeming qualities. Management could have felt pressure from the fans to keep him an extra year because he's a fan favourite. In hindsight not even trading for him would've likely been the best option.

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