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05-25-2013, 12:50 PM
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I think except when it comes to Trades (and this also somewhat includes scouting department) that Holmgren really hasn't been that good. Your drafting is based in large part on your scouting department. It's something the GM oversees, but over the course of the year it's your scouts who are seeing players and writing up their reports.

I think this is sort of similar to the Phillies under Ed Wade. Now granted Holmgren is way better at trades than Wade (Wade would get pantsed in almost every trade), but the Phillies scouting department is what brought the team back from the depths of obscurity. Led in large part by Mike Arbuckle who when Amaro became GM left and went to Kansas City and the Phillies farm system took a hit.

The things Holmgren does when it comes to cap management and NHL signings just boggles the mind at times. I think the Flyers need to be looking for a younger GM who will come in with either a better financial background or bring in someone specifically for that who they actually listen to.

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