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05-25-2013, 12:49 PM
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Cool thread, kinda pertains to me, as I'm in that weird inbetween sticks phase.

In the past I always used Louisville sticks, usually their 2 piece sticks, and then around 2002 I switched to their one piece TPS sticks. Over the past few years those started drying up I decided to look at other brands. I tried an old ccm vector from 2005 which I absolutely hated with a passion. I switched to eastons a few years ago and have been happy since.

Easton S19, well what can I say that hasn't already been said. I had two, and they both lasted well over 2 years. First one the blade snapped off in the boards on a hit, and second one the blade just lost it's pop. Still use that one for stick handling practice, but I had no back up when that one went out.

So at the recommendation of a friend that works in a local shop, I picked up the Mako earlier this year on clearance. First impressions? My stickhandling for some reason improved greatly. I'm guessing it's the shape of the shaft as compared to the S19. It's closer to being squared as the S19 has a more roundish feel. Hard to explain. I've always used stiffer flexes, and this was my first 85flex stick I've had since high school (16 years ago...). There was a bit of a learning curve so to speak with it, but I've come to love this stick. I've read the durability of the Mako and RS line were kind of hit and miss, and the guys I play with are pretty rough, so I decided to look for a back up.

That's where the dolomite spyne DD comes in. My roommate doesn't really play that much, and buys those mystery 2 packs every once and awhile. He had the dolomite just sitting around and I've always been interested in warrior sticks, just never had a chance to try them out. So he gave it to me, I cut it down a couple inches, taped it up, took it to two games and decided that I absolutely need a grip stick. I could play with it, but I really noticed the lack of grip on the shaft.

On a whim, yesterday I bought the RS II, as I really miss my S19, and this is the closest I'll get to it. Cut it down, taped it up, went to a shooting practice with it this morning, shot about 50 pucks with it, decided to put it away for tomorrows game. First impressions, shoots better than my Mako. It's like they took the mako shaft, put the elliptical torx taper on it, then the new fangled RS blade on it and boom. I'm looking forward to playing around with it tomorrow.

And Jarick, I'll do a full review thread on the RS II after I've used it a couple weeks. I'd do one on the Mako, but it's been around awhile and they are clearance sticks. I'm not really psyched about the warrior stick, so I don't think I'd give it a fair review.

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