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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Looks like everyone is going more in depth than just a single grade so I'll do the same...

Drafting: B+
Homer has drafted pretty well during his time here. He has made some good picks and some bad picks, but overall I think he has gotten the job done (Couturier, Laughton, Ghost looks promising, Lauridsen looks like a nice bottom pair guy, McGinn looks solid, Cousins looks solid).

Signing undrafted players: A+
I don't think this needs to be delved in to too deeply. Read alone should give him an A+ in this category. Add in his other signees that are either playing on the Flyers, other teams in the league, or still working their way up and this is clearly where he has excelled the most.

Signing UFAs: B
No complaints here. Without getting into the whole argument about whether or not going after Bryz was the right move, most of the other UFAs have worked out relatively well. Shelley was bad, but not as bad as people make it out to be. Throughout the years he has really brought in a number of good players. They may not have stayed around but they worked out for the most part when they were here.

Cap Management: C+
He's made some bonehead moves with regards to the cap, but overall during his six or so seasons here I don't think his cap management has been as bad as people make it out to be. Yes, it has been a problem, but overall it has not. There is the famous David Sloane tryout that really sticks out in people's minds, and that was a terrible situation, but the team overcame it and there has been very little cap related issues outside of that. I know people get mad that the Flyers are always near the cap, but that hasn't stopped them from doing what they have planned on doing (at least not from what I can tell). Obviously everyone wants to have cap-room, but if you have the type of team the Flyers have, it isn't always possible.

Trades: A
Outside of the worst trade in history where a future hall of famer and a second rounder was traded for a goon, Homer's trades have been pretty damned good. Complain all you want about the couple of trades where a second or third rounder was traded, but the guy can swing a deal like no other.

So overall, I give Homer a B to B+. Not the best GM in history, but a pretty damned good one.
I think we can all agree that the Eminger one was the worst.

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