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Originally Posted by MiamiHockey View Post
If only I had known that I could have gained expertise on recruiting by sitting in the stands watching CIS hockey, I wouldn't have spent so much time engaged in actively recruiting players to play CIS hockey. Silly me.

I live in the US now, so I can no longer be engaged with my program, but I have engaged in recruiting battles, and been on the winning and losing ends. I am most proud of the fact that two of my recruits have successfully completed their PhDs.
Sigh. I told myself I'd stop feeding the troll, but my unfortunate stubborn streak just won't let it go. So as I thought, you are casting aspersions from afar and are not currently involved with CIS hockey. Glad we cleared that up. Congrats, seriously, on having recruits complete an advanced degree. It is what most of us who chat on this area of the board are most interested in -- seeing student-athletes become successful in school and their careers after entertaining us with their play on the ice.

I've only been interviewing and talking to AUS players and coaches for more than 15 years, and covered 13 University Cups where I've had the opportunity to talk to other CIS players and coaches. All that time gathering qualitative data on why players chose the schools they did, among other things, is wasted time I guess because I'm wasn't a CIS recruiter. OK, then you've got me there.

My mistake. I misread your post, but found it telling that you were focused on pro contracts.
Well, as I has mentioned in a previous post, one of the factors that many players told me influenced their decision to play for an AUS team was their desire to play pro hockey after their time in the CIS, and their belief that the competitiveness of the AUS was going to help them improve their game and make the next step, since guys they knew (or heard of) had done just that.

I've written many things in this prolonged dialogue, but I'm pretty certain I never claimed that there was one single reason why someone would choose an AUS team, nor focused on one factor.

But, I was not aware that the OUA differentiated between the francophone and anglophone teams. It certainly didn't when I was there. Does the AUS treat Moncton differently?
Nice deflection move. Projection much? A while ago you brought up the English/French language factor in explaining how certain OUA schools had a specific, and understandable, edge in recruiting Francophone players. That was the only reason I tried that side exercise in eliminating UQTR from the "UCup winning math", since it would probably be unlikely that the average Anglophone hockey player would choose to study at UQTR.

Of course the AUS doesn't treat Moncton any differently (other than sometimes, and not often enough, adding bilingual public address announcements in visiting rinks).

And sometimes the players surprise us. Right now UNB has two Francophones from Quebec studying in their second language and playing important roles on the team. This has been a pretty common practice on Dal and STU teams who've done a much better job over the years recruiting Francophones from the Q than UNB. Much as Moncton would like to have exclusive rights to them as in the old days for the Montreal Canadiens ...

You're right. Pete Belliveau was relieved of his duties because he lacked charm.
We still don't know officially why Pete was let go, and maybe won't even after the CIS gets done sitting on their investigation of the Dal program. Pete's a charming guy, so of course that can't be the reason.

I know that you are obsessed with facts, but I also know that people selectively choose the information they seek. Perhaps you need to have a recruit ask you for money and then choose a different school to believe that it happens

I know some, maybe most, players ask for money. They only get one chance to get their education funded. Just because another school might offer them AFA money that your program couldn't match doesn't mean any rules were broken. That sounds more like jumping to a conclusion based on sour grapes.

I also understand, talking to coaches in the AUS, that the players coming from Junior A are often the most concerned about money because they don't have the same guaranteed education packages the QMJHL, OHL, and WHL offer. When a player presents you a shopping list of demands, and you don't match them, and he then goes to another school it is understandable to assume that another coach gave in and perhaps bent some rules. But we don't necessarily know that for sure, do we, and in this country folks are innocent until proven guilty.

So that's why I keep reacting to folks who insinuate that the only reason a hockey player would pass over the elite universities in his home province and go out to the Maritimes, where they let anyone into their schools, is because he was bought off.

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