Thread: Rosters and Ratings: NHL 13 player growth
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05-25-2013, 01:53 PM
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I got a 5 star goalie by the name of Jesper Tedenby in 2018

67OVr > 85OVR > 89OVR > 93OVR

over the past 4 years. trade value is nearly a full bar, Crosby style.

however, the development of players is annoying me, specifically with forwards. no matter what I do, NHL AHL minors for any length, noone gets good. in my first Be a GM I traded for 1sts took MacKinnon Drouin and Monahan all 4.5 star potential. after 4 years they were all still in the 60s and 70s. however in my next BEGM, i let other teams take them and they were high 80s after a couple of seasons.

also happens with players already on my roster. 1st time round my Henrique went fro 82 to 87 after year 1, but second time round went from 82 to 81!! and Larsson went 84 to 88 then 84 to 83 next time. with very similar stats.

ive been luckier with defensemen. I made moves to get Ekblad and Murray and they were both 88OVR after 2 years hehe

ive read that if you put your new drafts on all 4 lines of your AHL team and every special team, the AHL season will tank but they will develop by alot. any truth to this?

TLDR? player development seems random and biased towards CPU teams

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