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05-25-2013, 02:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Bardof425 View Post
you're the guy who calls out the entire Ranger fan base on the main board. Why should anyone listen to you?
I think you are grossly exaggerating because
1) HFNYR does not represent even a fraction of the entire NYR fanbase
2) There were about 5 or 6 ranger guys in the main thread and they were almost all seemingly in another reality. Those 5 or 6 guys do not represent all of the NYR fans on HF
3) Why the hell wouldn't you comment then in the main thread where I said it instead of stalking me back to HFNYR?

I don't have to like anyone here and no one here has to like me in fact the whole entirety of HFNYR can put me on block and I'll go talk hockey on the main board no problem. Most people take themselves seriously here so there aren't many who I'm going to be best friends with because I'm almost always trying to futz around. If I am forced to be serious about things I try to get rational, logical discussion out of people which is extremely hard to do around here.
It is what it is but this shouldn't be a place where we take anything seriously especially not ourselves. I'll likely continue to challenge people and debate since that's one of the main purposes of this place.
Am I supposed to be loyal to you? There's no HFNYR brotherhood we're a bunch of scattered folks on a message board who treat each other like absolute garbage anyway so yes I called out the NYR fans in that thread. My opinion is they were talking out of their butt and apparently every other fan from every other fan base felt the same way. If you feel they weren't, fine, but you could have then challenged me in that thread and if I see the post I'll respond.

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