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05-25-2013, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Layne Staley View Post
Why? The only thing Cormier has done in his career is pull one of the worst cheap shots in the last 10 years. Swapping 1sts to move up 3 spots does not even come close to making this fair. Cormier + Burmistrov aren't worth anything near Vanek, even if its a deadline deal and Vanek has publicly said he won't re-sign... Cormier is a fringe NHLer and Burmistrov is heading toward being a bust.

Winnipeg wants Vanek?

Trouba + 1st or Scheifele straight up. The Sabres are the team holding all the cards. Take a look at the FA market, it's absolute garbage. Teams are going to be paying elite money to guys like Derek Roy and Mike Ribeiro because they are the 2 best centers available. David Clarkson will get 5 mil easily and he's a 2nd liner at best. Iginla is the jewel and he will only go to 3 or 4 of the best teams. That means contenders will need to look at the trade market. Thomas Vanek will be the best player available either in FA or the trade market by far. It's not everyday a 35 goal scorer in the top 10 for goals scored since the 04 lockout who has always scored 20+ goals every season becomes available. Vanek will return an amazing trade package. To be honest I'd rather try and convince him to stay then trade him.

With Darcy in charge we will never find a Vanek replacement. In the 16 years Darcy has been in charge he has drafted exactly ONE player who averages 30+ goals/82 games. And that one player is Thomas Vanek. Trade Vanek and we might never acquire a goal scorer even nearly as good. I hope Pegula can talk to Thomas and convince him to stay.
Burmi is not anywhere near a bust... get freakin' real - he has been horribly misused by Noel. That's like saying Grigo is a bust in Buffalo after this year.

As for Cormier, he has the potential to be a Downie/Ott/Ward type bottom-6 power forward, like we had with Kassian with a little lower ceiling. Perhaps I would start by asking or Telegin, before settling on Cormier though.

Although our best player, Vanek is injury prone, and streaky - although still a prolific offensive threat w/ 40 goal potential. There are no surprises or untapped potential as far as TV goes, so nobody is going to overpay (Scheifle, Trouba, etc...) for 1 year of service or the "What if..." factor.

IMO, it is very unlikely Vanek re-signs if we are in year one of a rebuild, he has already hinted at that to the media... Please try to remember what happened with Briere and Drury (zero return...) when you suggest that we wait with the hope of re-signing him. We either need him to commit right now and extend (which u=is going to cost us 8M/yr), or deal him for assets to assist in a full blown rebuild... but the value coming back is not going to be a franchise player for a 1yr. player @ 7M+ cap hit - you are severely over-rating the market value.

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