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Originally Posted by mike14 View Post
Ah, more time just means more opportunities for me to change my mind! I think it's a great idea to post all the lists (assuming everyone else is cool with it), I was going to post mine so anyway so people could see how much my opinion changed as more info was gathered.

To provide some info on our guys, the book (which I don't have a copy of) 100 Ranger Greats lists them as follows:

Tkaczuk - 14
Espo - 23
Laprade - 24
Raleigh - 32
Smith - 35
O'Connor - 38
Duguay - 49
Goyette - 59

I can't find a ranking for Gretz. Now, this is only 1 guys opinion, and I have no idea how he came to decide on his list, but it does give another perspective on how others see them.

I gotta believe I can come up with more than 22 Rangers who were greater Blueshirts than Espo.

That said, thanks for the contribution/hard work of this research. Every yardstick is helpful.

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