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Originally Posted by Jetsfan79 View Post
I'm probably making something out of nothing here but I was checking out the Virtual tour for IG field on the bomber's site and every corner/cornerish upper bowl view I chose (like any row on section 236 or 235), the back corner of the closest end zone (from the seat's POV) is not entirely visible. I do know there were going to be some obstructed seats but I'm seeing this for entire sections in all 4 corners of the stadium and its not due to hand rails but just the way the stadium was designed. Pls tell me Im wrong here. Cause I want to be.
It's true...but not that big a deal. It's a small corner of the field and the endzone at that. It's the price you pay for being closer to the action. Anyways, you can always look up at the giant scoreboards if a pass happens to be in that general area.

These types of obstructions seem to be common in new stadiums too. Yankee stadium, Marlins stadium and Giants stadium have obstructed seats worse than the Bombers. Marlins stadium being the worst - if you sit in the upper deck in left or right field corners you can't see any of the outfield below you.

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