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05-25-2013, 05:33 PM
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Originally Posted by DontPass2Clarkson View Post
Tonight should be annoying. I sub for my brothers team, which is 2 divisions lower than I usually play in. My division is the high end of intermediate, right below the advanced divisions, and he's in the lowest intermediate division. I don't go out there as a ringer, though it's clear that my skating is a few steps above almost every one else in the division...I just go out and try to set up a few plays and play solid defensively (also helps that my skating is my best quality, while my offensive ability is average for my division). I've got 5 points in 4 games.

But tonight we're playing a bunch of high school d-bags that joined a division clearly below where they should be. A whole team of 17-18 year olds that joined the division to go globe trotters on everyone. They're first in the division and averaging over 9 goals a game, while the 2nd best offensive team is averaging just barely above 6 goals. Their goal differential is something like +40 in 8 games.

I'm fully expecting them to take advantage of the weaker players on my team, and get pissed off when I steal the puck away a few times. I'm just hoping these aren't typical loud mouth high schoolers. Because, as a 27 year old, I don't wanna have to put a kid back in line.
Originally Posted by TriCycleDriveBy View Post
I hate those teams/players, and I'd find it completely acceptable for someone like you to actually play versus guys like that. The worst part about the young ones are usually that their parents/friends all come down to watch and act like imbeciles.
that's because teams like this are usually filled with HS 3rd/4th lines and or/JV players. kids that aren't even has been's, more like never were's.

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