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05-25-2013, 06:43 PM
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Originally Posted by MsWoof View Post
It's not just that he traded them, the return was good but where is the plan? You get rid of 2 guys entering their prime and who are excellent defensive players at the same time Lappy and Betts totally break down and Powe is traded. All your defensive minded forwards are gone. Bring in a bunch of young guys, a 31 year old goalie who gets signed to a 9 year, $51 million contract with a NMC, rely on 2 old defencemen who make a ton of money, 1 who is signed till he's past 40 because you didn't understand the over 35 rule. There was way too much risk with Pronger, Timonen and Bryz because of their age and/or length of contracts and too many offensive players who don't know how to play defence. Then Bob gets traded for picks because Bryz needs to carry the load and ends up as a Vezina nominee while Bryz more or less craps the bed.

This is definitely not all on Holmgren, he's just the GM and a lot of this comes from above him, but you have to look at all of this and wonder why he's not putting a plan together.
Yeah. Long-term planning has been bad.

I understand why Homer felt the need to trade Gagne, but considering the way the cap space was used (Walker, Shelley, Zherdev) it was pretty pointless overall. I won't really call it bad, there wasn't much he could do...but it was definitely unnecessary.

Edit: I suppose it was kinda necessary. No cap space to fill a few roster spots, no prospects to take their spots; that's on Homer. So really, it was a preview of the Richards/Carter trades

Edit 2: As for grades, I don't feel like going into specifics. I'd give him a C+ overall. One thing people haven't discussed it creativity. I'll give him an A there. He's gotten several players from interesting places and thinks outside the box. That's good, because with the way he handcuffs himself with cap and asset management he'd be screwed if he weren't creative.

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