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Originally Posted by CloudReader View Post
I think this is a great post and bears repeating.

Whether we like it or not, it's going to take more than an offseason to sprinkle more grit throughout the lineup. It's going to be an ongoing process, especially when every other team is looking for the same in their top-6 and top-4.

So why not have a heavyweight in the meantime, while actively seeking some quality sandpaper? It's a very low risk fix given the cost of an enforcer. At worst you have, at max, $1 Million sitting in the pressbox, at best you start changing the makeup of the team and encourage its players to play with more grit.

At this point, I don't think Bergevin can afford to not add toughness to the lineup somehow. Opposing teams will have taken notice on how Ottawa handled the Habs (pound them to get them off their game, survive the first period). Whether it would have worked with a healthy Habs lineup is beside the point. Those with the size and toughness will try in future playoffs.
I'm pretty close to 100% certain Bergevin will address the issue. I agree it will be a slow and long process. We currently have too many small guys in the top 6, we need to balance that out over time, to try and do it all in one motion won't work.

If I could flag your post, I would. Our thoughts are pretty close on this issue. Arguing that a tough guy will hurt the bottom six when we have been icing players like Armstrong, Dumont, blunden, white already is foolish. Much of our 4th line currently has no role at all, they can't score, they don't crash and bang ect. They kill penalties from time to time and their not particularly good at that either.

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