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05-25-2013, 09:26 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeylegend11 View Post
Thanx for the kind words Knights77,all is good, and as I have posted numerous times
the Knights project to be pretty good next yr,that much is obvious to most,should
be interesting what shakes out
Nice to see a London fan who can see beyond any bias,a post containing both positive
and negative analysis/opinions without getting upset that someone dare challenges one of the Hunters and their methods or lack of action
I took some slack from some fans because i was of the opinion that they should have made more moves at the deadline regardless the cost (they will still have some left for next year). As it happened with Pat Kane they didnt load up thinking 'next year', but that didnt work out. We lose Horvat, Griffith, Broadhurst, Harrington and maybe one or two more and those will be some big shoes to fill. I am of the mindset that nothing is guaranteed to you so if you are rockin one year, go all in. Its hard to win the OHL title each year nevermind the Memorial Cup.
I also question the powerplay teachings. With all that talent it was awful. Should have been a greater weapon. I also wonder why our strength of rolling four lines disappeared, guys like Elie, Platzer...should have played more. The big guns would be more rested. I was called an armchair gm/coach for all this but i ask you, am i wrong? I hated the sefton trade and hated the 'non-trades' even more. We could have had a better team going in. I dont care what the price was. If you honestly think the Knights are going to win their conference every year you are nuts. When you have the horses, you go all in. I would have been ok with last years result, followed by back to back memorial cups (then we could throw that in the Spits face lol, kidding), if it meant we were junk an i mean junk for two years.
Going to be a long summer of what ifs and might have beens...but im over it and looking forward to next year. My hope is the Hunters continue their successful ways and learn from what wasnt.

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