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Originally Posted by The_Chosen_One View Post
Those figures were potential output. I doubt we'll see every player produce at those levels. However, contracts are largely based on potential.

Also, the shut down line is more like a second line. Interestingly, Grabovski in 2010-2011, and 2011-2012 largely played against the top lines. Regardless, he produced over 20 goals and had a high of 29 goals.

For most parts, that applied to Kulemin and MacArthur as well. I'm not sure if Kulemin production fell because of his role, but MacArthur produced 20 goals despite being utilized in the same manner. He was on the shut down like with Grabovski and Kulemin.

I would rather just keep Grabovski to be honest. Someone like Clarkson who is very physical would be nice to have as well.

, Gardiner and Rielly as well. Exactly. Stasts at 6.6 million, Kessel at $7.5m, Phaneuf at $6.5-7.0 million, a future PPG Kadri at $6.5 may end up limiting as greatly.

Kadri would be more than sufficient on the top line with Kessel. He was used quite effectively against Boston when we took the game to seven. I don't think Bozak is necessary and if things go back, use Grabovski or even Colborne as well.

Speaking of Colborne, he showed that readiness in the playoffs. I don't see anything wrong with putting a defensively sound guy on any lines. He could be groomed in a similar manner as Bozak and just given good minutes. His size, physical play, and heavy shot would compliment JVR and Kessel well.
Wait, what?

Kadri won't be getting 6.5 any time soon.

Stast has only 1 year left at 6.6m.

Kessel would not be 7.5 till the start of the 14/15 season along with Dions new cap hit, which i believe won't be as high as you listed.

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