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Originally Posted by STUTOMMIES View Post
Why do you have to call him names? Just because his arguments make better sense than yours do, does it really give you the right? This board is not controlled by you and your opinions are not the only ones that matter.

Me saying this sounds silly considering I call you Squirrels but once again people call the Leafs "buds" and Canadiens "Habs" so I think it is fair game.
You may be right. Troll is a loaded word. Most people people apply the label to someone who appears to only be writing posts designed to get a reaction from other readers (and may or may not believe what they write, but only that it is designed to get the desired reaction). That doesn't appear to be MiamiHockey's motivation; he just has a strong dissenting view to my "innocent until proven guilty" view of cash being the dominant reason why players from outside the region chose to play hockey in the AUS, and isn't keen on my conjecture that the AUS strength-of-conference is exhibited by their 7 wins in the last 16 Univeristy Cup tournaments. So troll is probably inappropriate.

I would disagree that his arguments make better sense that mine, or others here who disagree with him. We have differing opinions, and I have gone to [too] great lengths to attempt differentiate the difference between opinion and facts, and to try to determine bias. Thus this statistical wormhole we now find ourselves in.

Finally, "Buds" and "Habs" are accepted nicknames, and apparently developed by their own fans. "Squirrels" is seen as pejorative, since it is a label affixed by their opponents and not developed by UNB fans (much like the perjorative "Pids" name once hurled by UNB fans towards STU). So not the same. But really, I don't care what nickname you choose to use for the V-Reds, as long as you don't try to convince the Internetverse that "Squirrels" is an affectionate term for the team dreamed up by UNB fans.

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