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01-04-2004, 06:22 PM
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Islander Injuries

In my opinion, the Islander injuries may just play in the Rangers' favor this time. It seems as though everytime one of them get's hot they are the next to be injured. However, if the Rangers are to make the playoffs I don't think it will be the Islanders as the odd team out. I think it will be either Boston, Tampa Bay, or Montreal. The likely scenario is Tampa Bay. But, we all know the Rangers will finish in ninth without the playoffs or a good draft pick.

PS: As for the total annililation of the person who posted the "good news about parish" thread, let's all think about this for a minute. You chose to play hockey Mr. Parish. You knew the consequences. As a fan and an AMERICAN, it is ok to choose if they wish to be happy about him being out with an injury. It is part of the game and it is part of the game as a fan. When Scott Stevens LEVELED Lindros in the playoff game I was happy about it. Yes, that's right ladies and gentlemen. I was happy because of what he used to do to other players. This is part of the game. Just as I wish when the USA is fighting a war, I want them to kill as many Iraqis as possible to WIN! This polical correctness crap is what cause the TWC disaster. I think it was wrong to lock the thread and attack a poster because he voiced an opinion.

Let me ask all of you this? Do you honestly think when players pound each other in the face during a fight or nail someone up against the boards that they are doing this to make them feel better? Is this the equivilence of a massage? Not so. It is to hurt them! If any of you think otherwise then you're very niave. Jees, let me punch this guy in the face 10 times. Ooooh, I am sorry, are you alright? I didn't mean it. Stop. Please stop. Injuries are part of the damn game and I am part of the damn game. Am I happy that Parrish is out with an injury? YES INDEED!

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