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05-26-2013, 12:04 PM
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I'm not sure how anyone can give Holmgren more than an F on cap management.

The pitifully bad cap management has affected almost every other aspect of the team. A lot of the bad trades he's made were to dig out of cap problems. He's had to add picks to most deals to help dump salary, which has had a direct effect on the lack of depth and quality prospects. The team has been handcuffed at the deadline because of a lack of cap space, more often than not while still having huge holes in the lineup.

His lack of understanding of the 35+ rule could have really bit the Flyers in the arse, had Pronger not been injured, and chose to retire instead.

He is very good at the draft (when he has picks to use), and good at throwing a lot of crap at the wall with undrafted free agents (and got a huge win with Read). All the other GM duties are not his best thing.

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