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05-26-2013, 12:25 PM
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Originally Posted by RockLobster View Post
If they take MacKinnon, they're getting one hell of a player.

Will I be disappointed that they took him over Jones? Maybe a little, but that's because I personally feel that Jones is the BPA (only slightly) over MacKinnon. But I guaran-damn-tee you that come Opening Night when the puck drops and I see MacKinnon in an Avs uniform doing what he does best, all of my "disappointment" would be gone.

That being said, I still think that Jones is the BPA and therefore the Avs should select him.
Well said. While everyone on these boards has their own view on BPA and who the Avs should draft I think we can all agree that our team will be better next season and into the future.

Originally Posted by avsfan89 View Post
Oh I agree, I would probably love Mac too.

I'm just saying Mack has Art Ross caliber point production if he goes East, but not West. West is just a different animal.

7 of the top 10 in scoring this year were from the East, with the top 4 being from the East as well. However, that said, Mack could very well be an exception but the Avs haven't had a top 5 or top 10 point getter in a long time lol
While the West is "a different animal", one of the factors that makes it that way is, as you stated, the quality of defenders in the West. You're going to need defensive talent to compete, and you're also going to need offensive threats to beat those defenders.

While having MacKinnon in the West could mean he doesn't score as many goals as if he were in the 'weaker' East, it doesn't mean he won't have potentially a huge impact on the team's offense and goal scoring ability.

Is it June 30th yet?

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