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05-26-2013, 12:41 PM
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if you paid 30 grand for a duplex in 1962, and it's worth 400k. you didn't make anything. you lived there. and everything inflated. and 30k ws 400k back then; a porsche 911 cost 3k in 1970. ie. nothing really changed because if you sold, you would still have to put all that money right back into a house. transferring equity from one building to into another. you never have that 400k to hold because you need somewhere to live. so unless you're moving back into a 3 1/2 160k condo, then you are only maintaining status quo. not to mention how everything has inflated tenfold, yet salaries have not gone up at nearly the same rate from 50 years ago. we're poorer than before. baby boomers did **** all and had everything easy. free housing, free cars, big blocks and free gas, got to do all the acid they wanted, now run the world, and are now ruining our lives.

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