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05-26-2013, 01:30 PM
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Im preparing to get flamed for what I am about to say...

Is there a chance...Jones is playing to not get hurt in the Memorial Cup?

I see flashes of what everyone has talked about but at times he seems to lack a bit of effort.

Now the reason I suggest this is because you dont become or even get close to being the "top prospect" with the play we have seen in the Memorial Cup. I dont think he is playing at his best by far which is why I proposed the idea above. Im not saying he has been bad, but he also hasnt exactly been great. There is more in him...

Feel free to flame this idea, but I could see a guy who feels his play over the course of the year will outweigh the play in a tourny and wants to stay healthy to solidify the #1 draft spot.

Just a thought.

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