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Originally Posted by eyeball11 View Post
So to summarize, you are just going to completely dodge your comments about offensive production.


If I were Leaf management I would pray for you to be negotiating on Tyler's behalf.
I didn't mention anything about offensive production you did, other than I pointed out he outproduced the comparable reference contract last season. Unless you want to debate that Bozak didn't outscore Grabovski last season.

If I were in Nonis position I would let Bozak walk for the money he is requesting because as I pointed out earlier "two wrongs don't make a right".. One bad contract in Grabovski shouldn't force Nonis into another one with Bozak.

Just because Bozak is Leafs #1 center by default by Leafs having nothing better, doesn't mean he is worth being paid as one.. I'm sure Nonis is fully aware of that situation and "in Nonis we trust" to do the right thing, and not hurt the Leafs further, and not let mistakes of the past govern good decisions going forward.

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