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05-26-2013, 02:16 PM
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BICKELL WOULD GET upto that amount 3.3 million..Bolland range money due to his good third liner productipn and good playpff productipn. Plus size and hits givrn that other Tom Dick And Harry's willbe getting that...The Hawks need Bickell more than theu do oft injured, lousy at faceoffs and takes mo killer penalties Bollamd...Ypu don'thing WPG wouldn'T WAMT TO ADD. BICKELL TO THEIR LINEUP FOR THAT MARKET PRICE WHICH IS ABOUT THE GOING RATE THESE DAYS FOR VEY THIRD LINERS WITH Bickell Production and +/- level? Or maybe Florida needibg to reach a cap floor? OR Colorado wamting more size? IMAGINE THE Hawks smaller eith one less Bog we Nred him and that id the price ramge perhaps minus a discount to $3 million even it willtake to retain him..He has earnrd a raiise. ..besides if we trade no longer on a mission KANEe and his fat contract to Buffalo there will be lots more cap room..Stalbergmay have to be let go we cam only pay 2 guys on line 3 that kind of price range salary amd maybe only one with the cap lowered. .Probably need to trade Leddy as can't raise him much..bit he failed to rise to keep 2ND PAIRING back to 3rd pairing. ..soobvious limitr on raising him that much...Replace with cheaper Clendenning and time for STAN to re-coup with some draft return for Leddy and Bolland...Morin needs to get his chance and be cheap replacer of Stalberg...different skills biut you yake what you can afford...Some team wiill pay the 3mil plus for Stallberg...not us...course if Stalberg jad exploded this year like Dupuis he would command 5 mil plus on tje market...he did mot so it limits him to the auction for ufa inflation to markey demand price ramge for such thord linerswith his size and speed that some team will think fits their needs...and they willbid to that price range for him...just the way it is...

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