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Originally Posted by onemorecup View Post
he has put 2 60 point seasons under his belt , cmon lets call a spade a spade

Begeron is one of the best 2 way centers in hockey and he is a 60 point player and no one will take Pleks over him , NO ONE and he isn`t bonafide #1

you are over estimating what a legit #1 means at any position ,its the cream of the crop
Yes those 2 seasons where when he had 2 quality wingers for the whole year.

That season we finished 1st, he ended up with 57 points (close enough to 60 points no?) and that's despite the fact that they kept changing his linemate because we had to find a productive winger for Gomez.

That season we finished 15th, he still managed 52 points. And that's despite being a one line player.

This season he had 33 points (if you pro rate that it would give him somewhere around 55 and 60 points) and as I mentionned, he hardly played with our top 2 wingers.

I also believe that Bergeron and Plekanec are equivalent players. You could make a trade 1 on 1 and it would be fair.

So only elite players (whom there's not enough for every teams in the Leauge at any given positions) are legit first liners? I think it's you who overestimate the probabilities of having a legit elite players in your team.

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