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Originally Posted by nuck View Post
Yes since Grabo's deal was based on his performance the three years before, which was clearly better than Bozak, and with vastly inferior linemates, and in a higher cap envirnment. However, of the 50 point top 6 forwards out there, are there any recent deals for under $4 million? I don't think so, so this is going to be his baseline. The club will say yes, but he was the gooseberry with the real talent doing driving the scoring, and his agent will respond with pointing out the PK, the FO, all the backchecking he must be doing since he ins't handling the puck etc.

An arbitrator would have to award him over $4 million because they look at all that, and not whether he actually performs the key element of being a #1 C. The market, not so much, and the scoring histories of the other FA centers are going to push his opportunities down. My guess is, around $3.75 million if he moves, and closer to $3 million if he stays. There are a dozen teams he could end up at, but none where he would be a #1.
I would say Bozak is a go at 3.5, maybe 3.75 here because of futures. Futures being he could bring back a pick or prospect if signed where as if we let him go we get nothing at all. His wanting 4-5.5 prices him out of future trades and leaves us in a potential bind if he slumps, is moved to third line and doesn't perform etc.

It's the difference of asset and liability pretty much.

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