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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
Here is a link to Leafs player stats from the 2012-13 season.

Bozak produced 12 goals 16 assists 28 points and Grabovski produced 9 goals 7 assists and 16 points.

Therefore Bozak produced more offense. Not sure were the confusion or debate is over my statement being inaccurate.

If Bozak were to continue to be employed as Leafs #1 center and play on the 1st PP unit he is likely to continue to outproduce Grabovski in the future.

If a player is playing ahead of on the depth chart and producing more than his own teammate then he is going to demand >= money is my theory.. Based on recent reports Bozak asking price is north of $5 mil and Grabovski is making $5.5 mil presently, so it appears to be supported in this case, that he is asking for similar $$.
what grabovski did this year is irrelevant to the contract he signed last year.

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