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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
Similar in being the team highest scoring center, heading into free agency, as last year Bozak produced more offense then Grabovski.

Back when Grabovski negotiated his deal he was the leading scoring center at the time.

This year Bozak plays on the #1 line, the #1 PP, the best FO man better +/- and produced more offense than Grabovski.

If he was brought back would you expect him to play ahead of or behind Grabovski on the depth chart? So since he is better than Grabovski in every aspect that is considered when awarding contacts, should Bozak ask for more or less $$ than Grabovski received in comparison?.

The Grabovski contract is a measuring stick because its a part of the Leafs internal salary structure.
You're just making me wish more and more that it was you negotiating on Bozak's behalf. I don't think it would take long to whittle your worth to $3.5 at all.

For starters, Grabovski's contract represented 7.8% of the cap, so right off the bat Mr. Bozak, you are down to $5.01 M.

Next up, Grabovski was awarded that contract on a 29 goal 58 point season (prorates to 59 points) and to that point in time had three 20+ goal seasons, of which Mr. Bozak you have had none. Zip. Zilch. Nada. In fact your best season to date beats only Grabovski's worst. Still, I'll be kind and go with your prorated totals for this year. Now you're down to $4.1M (based on % value for scoring vs Grabovski).

Faceoffs you say? Well it seems when I needed you most you were my 4th most productive faceoff man, behind even Grabovski.

Then we start analyzing what players you played with and what that does or does not inflate.

Sure, go ahead and compare yourself. I'm all in.

Where would I play you? 3rd line (though even then I'd rather reserve that for prospects).

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