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05-26-2013, 07:17 PM
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I'm with Dado here. I can see them releasing it on Next-Gen at the same time they release it on PC (which they will do, just not at launch due to the huge amount of piracy on PC).

Chances are the next-gen version will be same as PC version graphics-wise and such. Can't see it being much better then the 360/PS3 version anyways, aside from slight graphics tweaks and performance. Probably gonna be worth buying the next-gen version if it comes out anyways though, just so you don't have to have your old-gen console lying around for the (extremely) long amount of time you will be playing GTA 5. (Hell, I still play GTA 4 frequently) For this reason alone, it would be a great business decision if they even just release the exact same game on next-gen consoles like a year after, people will buy both versions guaranteed.

IIRC, there was something about how PS4's coding for devs was pretty much like a PC, so that made PC-PS4 game ports much easier, and I assume Xbox One is like that too, with running windows 8 and all.

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