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10-05-2006, 08:38 AM
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Originally Posted by CrazyCanucks View Post
Bertuzzi will be the same player he was/always has been. He had 2 good years, and the rest were average years. He takes bad penalties, is very moody and selfish player. Hopefully he changes his attitude in Fla. He said that Crow forced him to play a defensive style of game, and he didn't want to. What is Martin going to do with a player like that? Martin is a more defensive type of coach. Look at bert's+/- over the years, and for a very gifted player, he doesn't "like" playing defense. The people of Vancouver gave him chance after chance last year, after what had happened with him, and even the most pateint fans got sick of his poor attitude. If I was Keenan, I would just given Luongo what he wanted, as the fans in Florida will see what Bertuzzi is really like.

OT question, but is Florida the place where Vancouver trades the malcontent players to? Remember Bure?
First off if you knew the whole story, you'd know that giving Luongo what he wanted was nigh impossible. I mean he wanted Anaheim's goalie coach who is of course under contract to Anaheim. Well it's quite illegal to make an offer to an under contract coach and this was after Luongo basically just kept making more demands after he was closer to signing a deal. He wanted McLennan back, he wanted the team to publicly state that they wouldn't trade him...come on he may be a great goalie but he does NOT run the team. We can have this discussion until the end of time, but his agent basically wanted him traded to get a little more money. And last time I checked, Bure was a force here, putting the Cats back on the map winning back to back Rocket Richard Trophies (no other player has ever done that) and All-Star MVP while helping this team back to the playoffs in 2000. Sure he didn't work out towards the end but that's likely of most players near the end of their career (especially for his injury, trading him to NYR was tough but they also got very little out of him).

In all seriousness, give it a rest with the idea that Bertuzzi will be awful when he hasn't played a single game, and for godsakes enough with the Oh Everyone Wants To Leave Florida shtick, if that were the case I don't think any of these free agents would have signed, let alone Jokinen for 4 years, who certainly could have ruled the market this free agent season. Let's put it this way, Bertuzzi will be the same player just like the Hurricanes, Sabres, and Rangers were all terrible last year. These predictions are so meaningless in the new NHL, you've got no idea what's going to happen. I think we're all well aware of his baggage, because the plane left it back in Vancouver Guess what, if he sucks then we're not on the hook for next year like you would be for Luongo. We can also trade him before he would be a FA, or is that impossible just like everyone told us we'd lose Luongo to free agency? And if he's great here, then he'll resign and let's face it, there's a limited number of low exposure teams that he can go to if he wants to avoid the spotlight to some extent. I don't know about Canucks fans, but I will give him a chance to redeem himself in the less defensively minded Eastern Conference. And btw, adding just 70 points to this team would be a lot, considering only Jokinen beat that last year with 89. Panthers will take all they can get, because they want a team oriented offense, another reason why Bertuzzi is second line and they are trying to keep 1st line chemistry of last year. I don't wish ill-will on Vancouver or Luongo (his agent not withstanding), but for now, I'd just worry about your own team. Come talk to us in 6 months and we'll see how things are then.


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