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10-05-2006, 08:02 AM
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I said 5th because I truly believe this team has the makings of a Buffalo/Carolina story from last season.

I love how everyone points to our "weakness" on defence and the question mark of Huet. The fact is that we have 7 bonafied NHL calibre defencemen and 2 bonafied NHL starting goaltenders.

The biggest joke is how people list the Leaf's strength as their "D" but 4 of their 7 defencemen would be playing in Hamilton if they were Montreal's property. I believe that our defence corps is atleast as good as Buffalo's or Carolina's yet I don't hear anyone saying that their Achilles heal is their defence. We have 3 strong pairings and as far as I am concerned a team's defence is only as strong as it's weakest link. As far as I can see there is no weak link on this defence corps.

This team has alot of depth at every position and has the ability to overcome injuries because of how interchangeable many of our players are.

The combination of talent, depth and coaching make this team a serious force to be considered. The real reason that people underestimate this club is because of it's lack of star power but in today's NHL, overpriced stars create holes in the lineup as GM's can't afford quality players to fill out their lineups....that is not the case in Montreal.

This is not an old team and there really isn't anyone who should be on the decline, however, there are many players who are very capable of improving on their performance of a year ago where we finished 7th and almost ousted the Stanley Cup champs. If it wasn't for Theodore's brutal display of goaltending, Souray's marital problems (he played great hockey for the second half), Ryder's back problems and Julien's conservative chicken**** coaching we could very well have finished 4th last season. Let's not forget the fact that Higgins, Plekanec, Perezhogin and Komisarek should be even better this season. We have even added a real wildcard in Latendresse who at worst should be an effective physical force playing with Begin and at best...........dare to dream.

As for Huet, he has now put together two consecutive strong seasons and if he stumbles we have a proven goaltender in Aebischer to back him up.

For me the only real question is Carbonnaeu but I am very confident in him and the players should respond well to him.

People who know me on these boards know that I am very objective and never act like the typical homer, I have no problem critisizing this team but this season I think this team is going to make a few tv celebrities look pretty foolish.

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