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05-26-2013, 08:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Inferno View Post
It's not about Torts, the players or's about the 3 of them working to build an identity that they want.

Torts clearly wants a grind it out, physical, defensive team.

Why is Sather bringing in guys like Richards, Nash, Gaborik, Brassard, and MZA? Clowe makes sense. Pyatt makes sense. Dorsett, etc all make sense. Drafting JT Miller, Dylan McIlrath, even Chris Kreider (when he uses it) all makes sense...

but the rest of those guys DON'T. If you want to be a physical team, BE a ****ing physical team.

If you want to be a speed team, guys like Hagelin, Kreider, McD, Moore, Brassard, Callahan, etc all make sense. all above average skaters or better.

If you want to be a skill team, then guys like Brassard, Nash, Stepan, etc make sense.

What we have right now is a ****ing mishmash of players that don't have an identity up and down the lineup.

Why did we win last year? Because by and large the entire team had that singular identity. Dubi, Cally, Prust, Feds, even guys like Mitchell, etc. they play *that* way. We could have a game plan and had the personnel to do it.

But this year, we didn't have the guys to play THAT game, we also didn't have the guys to play a skill game, or a speed game. Youve got fast guys with slow guys, physical guys with midgets, passers with...passers. No shooters.

Just a ****ing cluster****.

If Sather is trying to transform us into a skill based puck possession team, then he and Torts need to be on the same page, and he needs to get the personnel to do that. Right now, too many square pegs.

You can blame Torts, you can blame Sather, you can blame the players, but the truth is, it's really a combination of all these aspects, starting first and foremost with our lack of identity.
Very well said. Agree 100%.

I will say, though, you do need to have a few guys on the team with different skillsets. A guy like Hags who can zoom into the corners and flush out pucks for the playmakers and scorers. And, of course, you need some skill guys who can finish to win games.

The key is being able to use the different talent sets in a single system. Have a scoring line, have the momentum line, have the grinding line, have the shutdown line, etc.

Like you said, this year it looked like a mishmash. It was. Lines were made that didn't fit at all.

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