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Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
Based on past pedigree of course. Brassard and Nash weren't strong puck possession players in a Hitchcock system, a system that epitomizes possession the puck. Callahan was a good puck possession player under Torts in 10-11, but has declined since. Richards wasn't a puck possession player in Dallas, but rode quick strike offense with elite finishers on his wing. Torts actually did a good job with puck possession relative to talent level on this roster. They were 6th in Fenclose, which is directed shots on net minus blocked shots. Obviously with the blocked shots, their ratings are much worse with a very average Corsi rating. The Rangers don't have a true #1C or #1D to control play on the ice, which is why they'll most likely struggled to adapt puck possession hockey.
Brassard played what exactly? A season and a half under Hitchcock when he was just breaking into the league and suffered two season ending shoulder surgeries? Players grow. Brassard is a type of player that thrives on holding onto the puck and making plays. If you can't see that you're blind. I don't give two ***** what Corsi/Fenwick says. Youre all taking a "puck possession" system and thinking it means Corsi/Fenwick. Aren't those based on shots for/against? If anything, our shots for will go down under a system like that. Columbus sucked all those years. Of course those two players are going to have horrible puck possession stats. Corsi and Fenwick can be useful when in context. You're not taking the situation into context. Nash, although skeptical if it would be an easy transition for him, would love a puck possession system. He would spend less time hunting down the puck forechecking, relying on the other team to make a mistake and more time catching clean passes and/or having the puck on his stick. Wouldn't you want that?

Callahan is one of the few that would absolutely suck in a puck possession system. There you go, I said it, but one person does not define a team, captain or not. He doesn't have the poise or smarts to slow up and wait for a better play. He always wants to go 110% balls to the wall for better or worse. Which is not by any means a bad quality, but it does have it's downsides. Stop stat watching.

Richards, I agree, but why does that even matter? He will be gone.

You've got it all wrong. One person does not make a puck possession team. It's a coaches mentality. Just like one person did not make up the shot blocking strategy last year. It was a team effort. Otherwise you could say "oh well they still have an elite blocking forward in Callahan and an elite blocking defenseman in Girardi so why wasn't it as good this year?"

Detroit STILL plays puck possession. No coincidence they're in the playoffs AND going far again. Do they have a true #1 D? Not with Lidstrom gone, unless you really think Kronwall is such a dynamite offensive wizard. As a matter of fact, every team left in the playoffs plays some type of puck possession system. If you don't think the Bruins play one (although its a very grinding one) why don't you go watch them embarrass us by breaking out using their D and the middle ice very easily while we try to jam the puck up the boards instead of moving it back to the D.

Originally Posted by Brian Boyle View Post

He really thinks the Bruins played the same system?

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