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10-05-2006, 08:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Kanye West View Post
Also didn't it worry anyone else when Mike Ribeiro was saying how he was going to try and help Latendresse along this year? Isn't that the LAST guy we'd want messing with Latendresse's mind? I'm sure Latendresse is aware of that if we look at what he said about Mike...nothing. I might be cynical but i think one of the reason's why they got rid of Mikey is because he was getting too close to the special duckling, and they didn't want him to taint him.
Mike Ribeiro would have had Latendresse punching babies in no time.

He's gone, let's get past this apparent 'attitude' problem he always had. Some of you guys make him out to be the spawn of satan when here we are on an internet message board. Half of you are probably downloading dominatrix monkey porn and drinking absynthe right now...or whatever the young kids do these days.

Personally, I didn't like him on the ice with my team. I'm glad he's gone and that's about it.

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