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10-05-2006, 08:37 AM
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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
Deal with what? Shortsighted, biggoted people who generalize people based on the image portrayed by some entertainer?

I deal with that everyday, so save me the speech.

You say blame 50 cent, well what if 50 cent wore country casual clothing, would country casual clothing then be considered 'gangsta' as you put it?

It's just a style of clothing like all the other one's. You choose to associate the style of clothing, with the lifestyle a guy like 50 cent portrays. The same way you choose not to associate the style of clothing for others. Like I mentionned before, it's all about perception. All you're doing is selective stereotyping as you see it fit.

I heard the guy that shot up the Amish school was wearing jeans and a plad shirt, does that mean that everyone who wears jeans and a plad shirt should be considered a nutbag????

Judge a person by their actions, not what they're wearing.

Anyways, sorry to bring this thread up again, but I had to respond cause your post was so dumb and I didn't get a chance to read it until this morning.
i disagree with u bud.

this goes deeper then that. People judge others on their appearences. quit giving me righteous attitude. you know it just as well as i do, the world doesnt give a **** about you until you prove you're worth giving a **** about. People judge. That's what we do. Fine, you dont. Good for you. But the reality is, first impressions count for a LOT. And Ribeiro, whether you like or not, dressed up as a gansta. I dont care whether he's a good guy or not. The general perception of that style of clothing is a "bad ***" someone who "dont give a ****". Blame the music industry for that image, whatever. Dont you know man? Image is everything.

I personally dont give a **** about how Ribeiro dressed up, i dont care what he did on his time. As long as he put out on the ice and acted professional. Which he didnt. He was a big baby who caved in under pressure.

And that's really the bottom line. Im sure that if he was God on the ice, nobody would care about the way he dressed. But you cant act all tough and "the ****" when you're pretty average at best.

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