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05-26-2013, 10:55 PM
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Originally Posted by vespa99 View Post

This. In spades.
Obviously the game has passed Smytty by, or at the very least the lockout forced him to sit for too long. Either way to talk about a guy that has generally been a good Oiler this way is classless. He played in the Nhl for many many years and worked his butt off for every one of those years. He could still skate circles around us scrubs on this board so lets keep it in perspective shall we? If nothing else he deserves a little respect for having had a great career. I think it is fine to suggest he should retire but lets keep it classy for a change, the measuring stick of a quality NHL player is whether or not he is better then a HF poster. I've heard it all now. The Smyth apologists are really digging deep now. Way to put things into perspective.

I don't think anyone here would deny he was a quality player at one time. It's just quite clear that time was in the distant past and he could really save face by packing it in now. Have you ever heard a pro athlete when retiring mention that he didn't want to be that guy who tried to hang on too long. Well, Smyth is that guy at the moment.

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