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Originally Posted by oilerbear View Post
Nope he had 13. that would be mid 3rd line for LW.
For 24 games of play with Eager, Petrell and Brown he had 2 points.
For 23 games of play he had 11 points with the rest of the players. .48 EVPPG.
By your responce you think Eager, Petrell, Brown have the same offensive ability as Hall, RNH, Eberle.
Do you think they are the same?
i do not! The production difference shows that.
It is ok that you think they are.
But those three will be gone and Smyth will be playing with the rest.
I will take 80 games at the .48 EVPPG with the others still around.
heck 47 Gm without the EPB he is 22-23EVP 16th to 21 for LW.

It is strange the number of people willing to take the all players are the same stand
rather then Say "yes those three dragged him down."

Ah! opinion and pride over reality!
You want to make a case for Smyth? Show how other players were better with him than without him on their line. Not how he was better playing with certain players as opposed to other players.

So, Smyth's production was worse playing with Brown/Petrell/etc? Was their's better playing with him.

You're trying to pawn off his decline on others, when the fact is that he just isn't what he used to be, which was a decent player.

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