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05-27-2013, 12:28 AM
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I'm watching the replay...I listend to the first 6 innings on the radio. I'm in the 7th, finally, and it looks like Manuel called for a walk to load the bases. With 1 out. I'm gonna guess this ends in tears.

Edit: Oh, 2 runs on an error. Cool. I haven't seen the final score yet, but I'm guessing it goes higher than this.


Edit 3: Hamels done. If a Chad takes the mound I'm going to bed, I don't need to see 18 more runs scored.

Edit 4: No Chad. Good. I won't need to drink myself to death tonight.

Edit 5: Nice. Glad I decided to visit my parents instead of buy tickets to the game. The guy I was potentially going with is a Braves fan so he would have been insufferable no matter what, anyways.

Edit 6: CHAD. WHY. WHY IS THERE A CHAD. 18 runs against incoming.

Edit 7: I see no way Durbin finishes this inning. The only thing more embarrassing than striking out against Chad Durbin is striking out against Chad Qualls. The only thing more embarassing than that is being named Chad and pooping your pants in a very public way.

Edit 8: Cool, 6-1. Only 17 more runs to go.

Edit 9: Wait, a Chad is pitching. That means I have to drink myself to death. I'm too tired, not sure I can pull it off.

Edit 10: Nats have a Chad hitting. Awesome. Which Chad can suck least? All Chads suck.

Edit 11: I'm beginning to think we aren't getting 5-6 runs in the 9th.

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