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Originally Posted by I Eat Crow View Post
Which young center is available for trade? More likely they trade for a left winger. That's the biggest hole on the team at the moment
Alexander Burmistrov sticks out as fitting the bill in terms of age and position for sure (natrual center that can play wing). 8th overall 2010.

I saw Burmistrov play in the AHL a couple of times this season. Burmistov is a very talented hockey player, who got a ton of "quality" in him. He is also pretty decent on the PP. Natrual playmaker. His downside is easily that he has problems putting together his game in NA and with consistency. He was rushed to the NHL by the Thrasers at the age of 19, and when a kid is rushed you often get a player that is inconsistent. Part of the game is there, part of the game is not there. Its hard to catch up/build a plat form as a 19 y/o in the NHL.

As to center vs left wing etc. Id say go all for center. Our wingers will fight along the boards in the neutralzone and play their sniping game/forechecking game in the attacking zone. We could litterary have 8 great wingers, and still have the problems we have in our transition game and puck possesion game. Its the same when Gabby and Nash is out there as when MZA and Pyatt are out there. Bobby Ryan wouldn't help one bit there. I mean Ryan costs alot of money and assets, its a big move to make in light of how little he will help our huge problem areas (transition game and PP). We have a ton of more or less sniper wingers for the PP. But we are really short on playmaking ability.

My wish list easily starts with a right handed PPQB. Then I'll come to centers. Brassard can play on the wing. A center like Burmistov can also play on the wing, so can many other centers (not Stepan though). You can easily play Brassard with Lindberg for example.

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