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Originally Posted by GoldenJet89 View Post
the only way i see buff moved is in a deadline deal

we may get a great offer around the draft, but i kind of doubt it. teams right now are too focussed on re-signing their own players, and figuring out their salary structure with the cap coming down. i doubt many teams will be looking to add an expensive, one dimensional defenceman at this point in time

but as we saw this year, at the deadline anything is possible. a huge offensive threat/pp guy would look great on a contending team. thats where we might get lucky and have someone overpay us with a package of picks/prospects

i dont really see us getting a top tier player back in any package, unless that player also comes with a big cap hit to level it out
See I would argue the opposite, that the draft is the opportune time to trade a guy like Buff. If you are going to add long term salary (Buff and whoever we get back), rather than picking up a rental you are better off doing it in the off-season while you are making other moves to build your team for the coming season.

At the draft its not like Chevy will be springing a trade idea on someone, it would have likely be something that has been talked about off and on for months.

Besides I can't think of a more difficult player to introduce to your team at the deadline than Buff. He has a ton a talent, but I would imagine a lot of GM's would be reluctant to add his style of play to a team that plays a tight system with attention of detail on defense a month before the playoffs.

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