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05-27-2013, 08:11 AM
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Originally Posted by BarneyRoss View Post
Sorry - they are not gonna let him walk despite the concerns. If his demands are out of line, I'd be shocked if anyone else took a chance on him - Slats loves his acquisitions, and he probably fell head over heels based on that first game against Pitt, like Forrest Gump on Jenny. If we're lucky, he'll settle for one year, but more likely 2-3 years 3 mil a year with us hoping it's not IHOP scrambled eggs all over the place.
That's what I said the other day. 2-3 years about 3-3.5 per. Likely will happen,but can't say I want it too much. If it happens and Richardsis bought out,which I hope but doubt will happen,this might workout ok

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