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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
This is claptrap stated after the fact for which there is zero substantiation. Likely just a rationalization propped up to explain his poor performance.

But heres the deal. If he was nibbling on both jobs he **** the bed in both and did neither well.

A guy named Hugh Campbell did both roles at one point in time and to great success.

The on field disorganization occurred because Reed did not prepare the team well and did not manage games well. He threw wrinkles into schemes and lineups that caused more confusion than benefit. For example his use of particular personnel for different types of plays was not well communicated and often with different personnel coming on the field.

Not communicating who the placekicker/punter actually was in a given day and inferring that they would read his mind is classic Reed non communication.
Agreed. It's amazing that Reed suddenly became the 'victim' of Tillman when he was in fact Tillmans hand picked coach. Reed has to coach a LOT better than he did the last two years. He's still a weak link in my mind. I like most of what Hervey has done so far but his big test will come in what he does about Reed if the team does not do well this year.

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