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Originally Posted by mike14 View Post

is pretty much my confirmed 6-8 at this point (think it's the same for most people), with the 9+ still in turmoil.

On the 'lack' of top 10 C and whether to top 10s for LW/RW or combine them: I think the bottom half of a top 10 for both positions will have you going with some less than 'spectacular' players, but is still worth doing. The franchise is only 85 years old (I say 'only' as my footy club is celebrating 145 years), meaning that 10 top players means you'd have a franchise player at each fwd position once every 8.5 years on average, which means that we should have had 2.5 players per position that were top 10 since the last cup. To me, this is a bit unrealistic, especially on a team as starved of success as the Rangers. It may also be why I have Goyette higher (fighting for #10) than most. He certainly wasn't a league superstar, but he was a very good Ranger for over a half a decade.

The above isn't a argument for the inclusion of Goyette, just trying to highlight that the bottom of each list probably wont be household names.
Realistically, IMO of course, your top 5-6 should hopefully be in the 'star' mold, while, the latter guys are what are considered 'club greats' rather than 'league greats'.

Now I'm off to work to give the list a final going over...
Thanks for advocating his inclusion.
I'm being picky, but half a decade is just 5 years. Clearly good contribution during that time but not lights out.

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