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05-27-2013, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by KingBogo View Post
See I would argue the opposite, that the draft is the opportune time to trade a guy like Buff. If you are going to add long term salary (Buff and whoever we get back), rather than picking up a rental you are better off doing it in the off-season while you are making other moves to build your team for the coming season.

At the draft its not like Chevy will be springing a trade idea on someone, it would have likely be something that has been talked about off and on for months.

Besides I can't think of a more difficult player to introduce to your team at the deadline than Buff. He has a ton a talent, but I would imagine a lot of GM's would be reluctant to add his style of play to a team that plays a tight system with attention of detail on defense a month before the playoffs.
I agree, KingBogo.

If the Jets look at a Buff deal as a way of getting more depth - thru young NHL players and draft pick(s) - the draft would be the opportune time to make a deal as you have a decent idea of who you might get with that pick.

Question is, is there depth on D to move Buff? Jets may feel, Trouba has shown enough that he has to play. He may be raw and make mistakes, but we can live with that for this year as he gains NHL experience.

They would have to feel the group of Bogo, Trouba, Postma and Redmond will be ok. Bogo is key in that scenario, too. To have him signed long-term, is critical, if they plan to move Buff.

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