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10-05-2006, 11:57 AM
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Lie is pretty important, you can adjust the length of your stick to adjust but then it changes the flex.

The blade pattern can ruin a perfectly good stick. What works for one player won't necessarily work for the next.

Flex basically refers to how much the stick bends when you take a shot. Like if you've ever seen a picture of an NHL player taking a shot, you'll see that the stick bends and the stick straightening out is what generates the power of a shot. For Bauer, the higher the flex the stiffer the stick will be. So if you're not that strong you'd probably want a lower flex (77/87), if you're 6'2 225 you probably want the 102/112 flex.

Epuck has a good tutorial about flex/lie/curves:

Click on "Launch BladeTool".

The VI is a cheaper one piece, weighs in at around 530g. The XX is 445, and the intermediate XX Stick 'Um is probably around 430g. For the price, I'd probably fork over the extra $30. But if you're a beginner player or somebody who won't notice 80 grams, then the VI might be a better choice.

Although I have heard some horror stories about shipping to Canada. Either sticks sitting in customs for a month or just horrendous shipping prices which negate the stick being on sale. I'll try to dig up some feedback from another site.

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