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05-27-2013, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Grind View Post
This is what i disagree with. As far as i'm concerned, if this team doesn't make the playoffs this year, you have to blow it up. Your timeline gets screwed and for the team to be competitive with the established core you'd essentially have make the playoffs the next year, and be contending the year after (which doesn't really happen with any sort of regularity).

trading Buff in the offseason (while i wouldn't mind seeing him be moved) is leaving a LOT up to chance with your D core. Your trusting the #3 and #4 D spots to Clitsome and a Rookie(postma/trouba/redmond). That doesn't sound like progress to me.

while i can see moving buff in the offseason as it's easier to manage salary nd accomodate him, and while i'm not totally against it, it does raise some major question marks for me as far as realistic expectations next year, a year that I see as the most critical for this team (we were a bubble team last year, the next step is playoffs, we have to make it to fit the timeline of the LLW core, season ticket renewls, etc)

jets management would have to be extremely confident in their young D to move buff before the season.
I hear ya, Grind. And agree.

They would have to believe that they won't lose that much in trading Buff - with Bogo's continued progression and Trouba's development. With the return being so great for now and the future, it makes sense in both the short-term and future.

Lots to consider for sure. Buff is 28 and may have injury trouble moving forward carrying as much weight as he does. If TNSE has asked Buff to work on his conditioning and he simply doesn't, then they may look at these moves as a way of putting together a team with the right level of commitment - a message of sorts, that management expects dedication, hard work and focus from all its players. Hard to say what goes on behind closed doors.

As fans we want success now. For TNSE, they may see it as short-term pain for long-term gain. And the future far exceeds what they have currently.

Lots to consider.

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