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Originally Posted by DrHamburg View Post
If Matt Carle was on the team the Flyers wouldve made the playoffs. But They would have lost round 1 and had a terrible contract on their hands. While this team was bad this year the problem was too many high priced players being bad. Hartnell had a bad season. Briere had a really bad season. Mez was useless. Coburn also bad.

When your high priced players like that struggle it leads to inconsistent efforts and bad play. Briere and Mez will never be right. Mez has too many injuries and Briere is too old. I think Hartnell can turn it around next season. Coburn, I am not sure. But I would be willing to give another chance.

If you get rid of Briere and Mez thats 10.5 million in salary off the books and is addition by subtraction. I won't get into goaltending but ridding Briere and Mez gets the Flyers under the cap and gives them flexibility. Gus played a lot better at the end of the season and you would have 1 open spot on defense. The main thing for the Flyers is to not panic. They didnt panic at the trade deadline or last offseason so I have hope. If they make minor moves they will be better next season.
I don't know how they are going to get rid of Meszaros' contract. Who would take it, even for 'futures?' If they waive him, will anyone pick him up?

Right now we have 7 D under contract. I'm putting Gus on the team because he proved he can play - and the WC didn't hurt either.

Based on last year's pairings:



The best way to improve this would be to sign Mark Streit and get rid of Meszaros:

Streit (Meszaros)-Schenn

With a puck mover and big man on each pairing, this would work. Coburn can play with Kimmo again, to save Kimmo some skating/wear and tear. Grossmann can protect Gus, who can skate for him. Luke is awesome and Streit is still a very good player. If we can't get Streit, and Mesz is healthy, he could pair with Luke and, if he regains his form, we'd have three good pairings.

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