Thread: News Article: Ron Mclean Rant about Richards
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05-27-2013, 12:36 PM
eco's bones
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Comparatively speaking to the great majority of people major sports professional athletes live glamourous lives and are very well remunerated for it. It helps them to salt away some of their pay for a rainy day as their occupations tend to have a shorter shelf life. OTOH there's an advantage to the kind of contacts they can make. A more top end athlete like Richards who has had made millions--well, there's not much of an excuse for him not to be well set up for the rest of his life. So, though it may be disturbing how quickly his game has gone downhill--truthfully I don't see any need to feel sorry for him at least not without first considering the 99% of the rest of the country who have much less than he has. He's a lucky guy--got to extend his childhood by playing a game that he loves and got tons of money and so many other perks that go with that.

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