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Originally Posted by CM PUNK View Post
on hank...i could be dead wrong but i get the impression that winning is more important to him than $$ and his hesitation to say he'll sign isn't to squeeze every penny out of the rangers but to say to them 'prove to me you are going to improve the team in front of me cause i'm tired of whats been going on'

he knows that he'll get paid either way. so you aren't going to convince him to stay with an extra $1 mil. you'll convince him to stay by making him believe that he can win here with this team...

and i also think that hank is smart enough to realize that while he can demand a max deal and he would most likely get it. making any team pay him $10-12 mil/year is counterproductive toward the goal of winning and putting a better team in front of him.

hank seemed really down on the team during the playoffs and i think wants to see changes
I think its a little bit of both. But you got to remember the guy has expensive taste. Money is as much of a priority as winning is I would assume.

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