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Originally Posted by Analyzer View Post
To me this would spell the trade of someone. Right handed players don't normally play the left side mainly because there's never a need for a righty to switch over.
I don't think this means a trade will happen, also don't see why RD's can't play LD if they are comfortable at it. Some players can play either side, some can't, hopefully a few of them can. That said if a trade is made, the Habs biggest strength among their prospects is defensemen, just that I don't think a move is necessary at this point although I do have my concerns about another Hamilton team that has a very young D again if that ends up being the plan.

Originally Posted by onemorecup View Post
where is he going to play on this team, seriously , we need size , not nore finesse d
The Habs had to sign him or lose his rights, he should go to the AHL to adjust to the smaller ice. The Habs should be looking at getting better players, not worry about fans sad obsession with size. In no way am I saying Nygren is the answer to the Habs problems on defense and overall team softness since he's not and to be honest I haven't seen much of him so far. That said I don't see the big deal, this is a move that had to be made, the Habs can lend him back to the SEL if they wanted or send him to the AHL so better to see what he can do then just give up his rights because the fans want the team to get bigger.

Originally Posted by Marc the Habs Fan View Post
Hamilton's right side on D just became crowded. Nygren-Pateryn-Dietz-Ellis.

Beaulieu-Nygren as a PP duo should be deadly in theory, but Lefebvre remains in charge of this team.........

Pretty much means Thrower goes back to the WHL for his overager season, IMO.
Young and inexperienced as well, hopefully one or two can play on the left side. But I don't see why this means Thrower goes back to the dub since he can just go to the ECHL. I'd personally rather see him playing a lot in the ECHL then getting to 300 games in the WHL under his belt playing against 16-20 year olds. But we'll see what the Habs want to do when next season rolls around.

Originally Posted by Dirty Danglez View Post
I don't think Lefebvre is as terrible as people think. He had a pretty **** team to coach.

And every player called up from his team seemed to perform well enough to play in the save for maybe Pateryn
The only thing I'll say is that as someone that watches almost every Hamilton game the past few years, this was easily the worst team I have ever seen the Habs have in the AHL. Their offense was so bad and the PP was poorly run that it made them downright painful to sit through. So one can understand why others might be concerned about Hamilton next year with the same coaching staff and many of the same players (granted there will be changes to the lineup, or it wouldn't be the AHL). But yes the coaching staff didn't have a lot of talent to work with, and he was a rookie coach so hopefully next season yields different results.

Originally Posted by denidd View Post
Doesnt seem to be posted yet: Nygren also selected on allstar sweden team.
Good news, congrats to Nygren !

Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
Unlike Collberg, there's not much more that Nygren can learn in Sweden. Bringing him over is great news, if he's going to evolve into a more well rounded player it should be on small ice anyway.
Not sure I agree, since Nygren even though he's about to turn 23 next week, he has only had 2 full seasons in the SEL so it's hard to say if he has anything left to learn. But a moot point since it appears he will be in North America.

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